Emilio Vieites Aguiar


España |

Pintura |

I was born in Cartagena in 1972 and my interest in nature and science for years became a love for art. And the time passed and I saw a book of photogr...Ver más aphs about Sierra Leone’s child soldiers, that’s where Gervasio Sánchez was, a national prize with a lot of desire to be in the trench. And that’s how the art collection. «Rojo Sobre Humano » began, and the paintings accumulated in a tiny room without too much light. Everything was red. And the portraits also emerged, and some were known and others were not. From “Camarón de la Isla” they told me many things, and other children. My first painting participated in a group exhibition to help the children of Ethiopia. Many trips to Madrid. I painted buildings with men and without them. I thought that this would be an endless path. «Rojo Sobre Humano» was my first collection, but «Origen» started, and what happened during 9/11 in New York began to create a different way of painting. And the red was blue and the man merged with nature, and I started thinking that I could be a painter. I made some more exhibitions going through Miami and New York to always return to Murcia. Today I continue the collection «Mutations» with a series of sculptural paintings, where the white light twists the pinocho paper. The judea bitumen appears and some crazy blue and green brushstrokes at the end. But the colors disappear and there are only the primitive traces of the telluric, primitive power of the being that resuscitates life from the ancestral. “My artwork manifests the loss of identity of human beings who survive in a society which has erased their origins in a space of commercial transactions. Society faces an era of changes and resets the system by means of human global manifestations. Beyond multiculturalism, it is essential to claim for a space to survive with dignity and to recover the individual essence of human beings. We must go back to our origins in order to be our parents´ inheritance and our siblings ´ hope within this world, which gave us the opportunity to flourish. We owe our existence to the world”.


180 x 180 cm