Tommy Paone


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ACRYLIC AND PLASTIC ON SHAPED WOOD Concept The "Chromosomes" series is the result of my reflections on duality. In this journey, I discern the relentless essence and absence of the human being. Through all forms of art, I have found distinct harmonies that combine the deepest and most hidden feelings of our nature: those that should never be unveiled and which, instead, I show to the world with ordinary materials. In these situations, I think of good and evil, of men and women, while lights and shadows twirl together in a kaleidoscopic dance that moves like a dream of autonomy and affinity... as if it was possible to be present and absent in one existence; a sort of Yin and Yang. The constant search for balance is expressed through minimalistic shapes. I travel into the depths of the materials through their textures, where I look for depictions of nature. I find inspiration in my constant, tenacious, and daily research; I make industrial forms my own while I scrutinise in an intrinsic part of the man/animal. Reasoning and creativity, created with both hands and mind, are features of curious human beings. My work questions the idea of contraposition, of what is created by nature against human creations and it reflects the poetry of unity. We are all architects of life, working in factories, cities and farmland, we build our homes, families and societies. There is no doubt that this concept is engraved in human DNA, exceeding the original one, transcending reality... A drop of water that I create using concrete is the final result of what is expressed in the lyrics of a song; it is the epilogue of my hymn written in defence of diversity. This exhibition discusses the limits of established separations and imposed boundaries of human existence. These art pieces are used to open a door to the questions that are needed in a time and space in which the world is thirsty for answers and lacks reasons to express its freedom. Tommy Paone

Medidas del articulo:

Alto: 43cm
Ancho: 159cm
Profundidad: 3cm


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Opción a venta: sí
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